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The second classroom

The second class activity of China national Tea Museum

( Advance booking is required for group activities )
  • 1. Experience the tea culture

    Visit the tea exhibition hall, listen to the explanation, rush to answer with prize, appreciate the tea art performance, make tea, serve tea, taste tea.
  • 2. Tea picking and stir-frying experience (Tea season)

    Visit the tea garden, identify tea leaves, pick tea by hand, watch the demonstration of stir-frying tea (or watch the demonstration of mechanical tea making).
  • 3. "Know tea, recognize tea, love tea" comic exhibition or traveling exhibition of tea encyclopedia knowledge

    With the theme of "The Story of Tea, the Science of Tea" and "Tea and Culture, Tea and Health", the exhibition is suitable for the playground, auditorium, classroom and other places. It can cooperate with tea culture consultation, tea art performance, publicity materials distribution, tea culture exchange and other activities.
  • 4. Children's Tea Art Parent-child Activity (class for more than 15 people)

    Make tea, serve tea, taste tea, free activity. Children and parents will attend the tea culture exhibition, listen to the explanation and enjoy the tea ceremony.
  • 5. Popular science lecture on tea Culture

    Professional staff of the museum will form a tea culture education group to give popular science lectures on tea culture and popularize tea culture in the school.
  • 6. Tea ceremony team formation and training

    Help the school set up a "XX School small Tea Master Team"
    (1) Early small tea master recruitment and equipment, clothing, music equipment
    (2) a small tea master's theory, operation training, learn the basic brewing skills of green tea
    (3) Establish the file of "XX school small tea master team", guide and improve the daily relevant business after the team, and visit regularly
    (4) Regarding relevant tea events as a platform, enhance the participation and awareness of tea culture activities of "XX School small tea art teacher team"
  • 7. Experience "Colorful Chia Leaves"

    Identify green tea, black tea, white tea, green tea, black tea five tea samples
    Play tea: taste three kinds of tea soup (choose three of the five color tea samples) The color, taste and aroma of tea soup, tell the name of tea sample. There are prizes for correct answers.
    Distribute the "Colorful Jia Ye" science education leaflets
  • 8. Brew a variety of tea

    With tea as raw material, with seasonal fruit, made into a delicious nutritious fruit tea drink. Such as: "cool mint lemon tea", "warm fragrant milk tea" and so on.
  • 9. Make tea painting rubbings.

    With the tea culture painting as the rubbing template, using rice paper and colored pigments, the tea painting patterns on the template can be copied clearly. The rubbing process is simple and interesting.
  • 10. Fun tea bag making

    Tea sachets are made from old tea and discarded tea to promote the recycling and sustainable utilization of tea.
  • 11. Tea culture summer camp

    A. Small tea artist (launched during summer vacation, plus cost fee)
    Registration for students, opening ceremony, tea culture basic knowledge course, famous and excellent green tea brewing, desktop Oolong tea brewing, comprehensive exercise, tea art operation assessment, award the "Little Tea Art Teacher" certificate of China Tea Museum.
    Duration: three days.
    B. Small narrator (launched during the summer vacation, plus cost)
    Student registration, opening ceremony, basic knowledge of tea culture, basic skills and essentials of explanation, familiar with explanation draft, set the layout to learn and explain, practice explanation, students give lectures to each other, professional guide, explanation and assessment, and issue "Little Guide" certificate of Chinese Tea Leaf Museum.
    Duration: three days.
  • 12、Tea master of China Tea Museum

    Free of charge, the second class teachers of primary and secondary schools will be provided with tea art training courses, and the certificate of Tea Art master of China Tea Museum will be issued after the training.
Welcome to the second class activity of China Tea Museum.
Contact person: Liang Jing
Telephone: 87964232